PHP with MySQL extensions Server 2008 x64

Problems arises because the php binaries are 32 bit only.

  • Enable CGI by adding it as a Role Service to IIS.
  • Download and extract to C:\php.
  • Copy libmysql.dll to C:\Windows\System32
  • Copy php.ini-dist to C:\Windows\php.ini
  • Edit php.ini and:
  • Set extension_dir to c:\php\ext
  • Set cgi.force_redirect to 0 and uncomment the line.
  • Enable php_mysql.dll by uncommenting the line.
  • Go to Handler Mappings in IIS
  • Add Module Mapping:
  • Request path: *.php
  • Module: CgiModule
  • Executeable: c:\php\php-cgi.exe
  • Name: PHP
  • Recycle the application pool to reload php.ini

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