Xinerama support in rdesktop

As of rdesktop version 1.5.0 Xinerama is not supported, but ideas for a patch are in have slightly modified the patch, and result can be found in

sudo apt-get install devscripts build-essential fakeroot
sudo apt-get build-dep rdesktop
apt-get source rdesktop
cd rdesktop-1.5.0
patch  -p0 < /tmp/rdesktop-xinerama.patch
debuild -us -uc
cd ..
sudo dpkg -i rdesktop*.deb

Now, when entering fullscreen using Ctrl+Alt+Return, fullscreen only runs on the monitor where rdesktop runs.


3 Responses to “Xinerama support in rdesktop”

  1. karoldvl Says:


    thanks for bringing up this patch. Really helpful in my case. With some minor tweaks I’ve succeeded in running DualView Windows guest on Ubuntu TwinView host (via VirtualBox). I will trackback you later when I write it all down.

  2. DualView on VirtualBox Windows guest | - An IT Hobbyist's Blog Says:

    […] this has been a long known bug of rdesktop. Thanks to Rasmus Jacobsen’s post, I was able to redownload the original patch with some modifications and apply it to rdesktop […]

  3. Folke Says:

    also you need to do, before compiling:

    # sudo apt-get install libxinerama-dev autoconf

    otherwise the#ifdef HAVE_XINERAMA will not be satisfied and the patch is unfunctional


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